Serving Flagstaff dessert for years to come!

We were both born in Arizona and have called Flagstaff home for the past 13 years. Our family moved up here to pursue careers away from the hustle and bustle of Phoenix big city livin’. Starting YogurtU allows us to remain in the city we love with our two children and accomplish a life-long dream of establishing our own family business. You’ll find Jen there daily working hard to produce a store where the atmosphere is fun, the people are friendly, and the dessert is delicious.

We’re all about Flagstaff at YogurtU. We were the first to open a self-serve frozen yogurt shop in town. We believed in Flag when others were slow to invest their time or money in our town. We’ve partnered with the St Mary’s food bank to recycle our cardboard in an effort to help feed those in need. Our accountant, architects and engineers, and workers are all here in Flag. We even bank here in town. When you stop in at our place, you’re truly supporting LOCALS!

Most of all, thanks for your support! We love our customers.

– Jen and Al